About WearWorks

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— Claire C.

Why did you decide to participate in the program? What did you expect?

Did you reach the goals you have set for yourself? 

In the midst of intensity in NY, this program was recognized by Ruby. Her hometown is Berlin and she knew the awakening of the start-up scene there. We really didn’t know that much about the program before we participated and found out about it through a friend in Berlin. But being invested by BMW, working with German engineers in New York and also hearing a lot about the booming startup scene in Germany made us curious to check it out ourselves. We had varying expectations but in the end it was better than we could have expected!  The goal was to have international exposure, education on expanding to Germany, how to obtain financial support and make great friends in the progress. It was all fluidly accomplished. 

Did you have any program highlight? Which kind of information did you use right away after the End of the program? 

• Our personal program highlight was obviously when we won the final pitch! But besides that the people at Berlin partners have been a highlight throughout the entire journey and beyond. We got such great support in bringing the business to Germany, making connections and learning about the German market. So we decided to open a representative office right after the program finished and also hired three people.