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Warsaw is the capital of Poland and has slightly more than 1.7 m residents. It’s also Poland’s biggest city and education levels are high, thanks to huge number of colleges.

Visitors that are new to Poland might think that its Warsaw would be the most organized and closely-knit place in terms of the country’s startup ecosystem. However, it is precisely the size and diversity of the city that encourage fragmentation, Warsaw is a place where many groups have formed over the years, while representing various tech and startup interests, have only now begun communicating and working together in a broader sense.

Cracow may be Poland’s university centre, but Warsaw is definitely the country’s entrepreneurial hot spot, gathering young people from all the surrounding regions in very creative and productive hubs, accelerators and workshops.

Warsaw’s startup scene, like its economy, is booming. Fuelled by high levels of innovation, relatively low costs and a strong talent pool, the Warsaw has all the necessary requirements and potential to become one of Europe’s digital heavyweights.

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Karolina Wawrzyniak
+48 22 334 98 30


Key Industries

Business Intelligence
Big Data
Internet of Things
Life science
Software Development

Local Partners

Polish Investment & Trade Agency


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