...contacts we build with them is just as important as the program itself as they know everyone in the industry and will do their best to make you succeed.
— Theis Jensen (CEO sani nudge)

About sani nudge

sani nudge make healthcare safe, efficient and predictable through location-aware applications.

Our mission is to improve patient outcomes and reduce the cost of care. sani nudge is a healthcare technology company whose mission is to eliminate Hospital Acquired Infections, a leading cause of death in the world.

We design and market the only comprehensive hygiene performance system which combines sensor networks with wearables to provide a complete, long-term and cost-effective hygiene system for healthcare institutions.

Why did you decide to participate in the program? What did you expect?
Did you reach the goals you have set for yourself?

Germany is a large market for us, with many hospitals ready to explore new innovative technologies to improve their performance and bottom line. We hoped to acquire better knowledge on specific issues and to get in contact with key stakeholder, who could help us enter the market. Though several events at hospitals and around the city of Berlin we meet hospital leaders and industry experts that we are still in dialogue with today. The program provided us with a good understanding on how German healthcare works and how our solution can help make it better.

Did you have any program highlight?
What kind of information did you use right away after the end of the program?

The dinner at Ernst & Young was a great opportunity to meet Hospital CEOs and Investors in an informal setting that allowed us to talk about how specifically our solution would work in their facilities, which later has turned into direct leads for us.

Can you share with us any lesson learned?

German healthcare is complex. At the meeting with AOL that was made very clear. But since our solution makes saving directly on the hospitals spending, we do not need reimbursements, which was a good thing to have clarified.

What makes Berlin so special and which kind of contacts and networks did you meet during your stay?

Berlin is the gate to German health IT. It is the most advanced city when it comes to implementing and discussing how health IT can improve German healthcare, which is why we applied for the program.

What would you recommend to startups interested in participating in the program?

Make sure you are ready to make the move into the market. If you are too early stage, you will not be able to leverage the many contacts you make during the program. If you already have traction in your home market, then the program is perfect for you. Also, prioritize it and make sure you have the time to participate!

Anything else you’d like to share with us?

The Berlin Partner Team is amazing. The contacts we build with them is just as important as the program itself as they know everyone in the industry and will do their best to make you succeed. Treat yourself and your company and apply to the program.


We are on a mission to help healthcare institutions eliminate medical errors.

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