Start Alliance Berlin: Smart City


Discovering the smartness of Berlin!

The Start Alliance Berlin is a two-week program taking place in June 2018 which is intended to help startups from BEIJING, DUBAI, NEW YORK, LONDON, PARIS, SHANGHAI, TEL AVIV, WARSAW and VIENNA to expand their business to Germany via BERLIN. As we want this program to be as valuable for you as possible, we decided to postpone this program to June to not miss Tech Open Air and CEBIT this year.Where are the key players, locations and partners that you could work with? The Start Alliance supports you in getting in touch with the local startup ecosystem. From June 11th - 22nd 2018 you will have the opportunity to explore the startup ecosystem and get an understanding of our trendsetting city.

In short...

What?          Startup group program
Where?        Berlin
When?         June 11th - 22nd 2018
Deadline?    May 21st, 2018


Why you should apply?

Berlin is Germany's top Smart City. But not only in local comparison Berlin come off well and was ranked on 13th place of the "smartest" cities worldwide. Berlin was particularly rated for its car sharing facilities, coming in third overall behind only Vancouver and Washington. Furthermore Berlin has over 50 incubators and  corporate-owned company builders where every year hundreds of startups get the support  they need. Start Alliance invites startups to experience this vibrant ecosystem and to use it for their own products or services. Whether your offer is addressed to consumers, SMEs or big corporates, you'll have the opportunity to meet relevant networks and business associations during your stay. This program will deal with the whole range of smart city topics and cover multiple business sectors where different types of electronic sensors are used to manage assets and resources efficiently. So regardless of the market in which your startup is working - Start Alliance will help you find a way in discovering the best business opportunities in Berlin. 

Selected startups will receive accommodation vouchers for Airbnb and free office space in one of our partner co-working spaces for the duration of the program (or even longer if you want to extend your stay). That way, startups can test the Berlin and European market and connect with the Berlin startup scene and its main actors without any commitment. Further support is given by connecting startups with meaningful industry partners, universities, by providing location service, financing service and talent service. 

Conditions of participation

This event is designed for startups that are beyond the idea/prototype stage and have already successfully launched in their domestic market.

It could be right for you, if your startup is interested in:

  • Expanding into the German (or European) market

  • Looking for international partners

  • Seeking to raise capital internationally (esp. in Germany)

  • Recruiting international teams (esp. in Germany)

What's included?

Accepted startups will receive for free:

  • Office space in local co-working space (with possibility to extend up to 4 weeks)

  • Accommodation voucher from Airbnb

  • Business development coaching

  • Connections to VCs through a final demo day

  • Talks from industry and specialists

  • Several group activities

Please note that expenses for flights are not covered.

"Tech Open Air is Europe’s leading interdisciplinary technology festival. At TOA our mission is to connect, grow and inspire the human spirit through interdisciplinary knowledge exchange and collaboration."


"CEBIT 2018: business, leads, ideas. As a triple-punch event featuring exhibits, conferences and networking, CEBIT covers the digitization of business, government and society from every angle."


"Wear It Festival is Europe´s hottest conference on the intersect between wearable electronics and design. It provides a platform that connects designers, companies and experts along a cross-industry value chain."


The agenda will include many different events such as:

  • Welcome session to get to know the program attendants

  • Welcome party

  • Tech Open Air 2018 (Berlin)

  • Visit CEBIT 2018 (Hannover)

  • optional Wear It Festival (Berlin)

  • Workshops on: raising money, business development, PR, recruiting, legal, etc.

  • Various group activities such as knowledge exchanges, business breakfasts, pizza time, etc.

  • Pitch training session

  • External startup events

  • Final Demo Day