Start Alliance Paris: Landing Pack_Explore June 2019


Learn how to make it in Paris!

Apply now to participate in a 4 weeks program to get to know the French startup ecosystem! The program will take place in October and will provide you with a complete set of workshops on how to do business in France, give you the opportunity to validate your solution on the French market and explore business opportunities in Paris. Based in a co-working space in the heart of Paris named Comet, and surrounded by startups from all over the world, you will get the chance to dive into the thriving Parisian Tech Scene.

In a nutshell:
fast-growing startups under 8 years old and looking to expand into France, preferably active in the following fields:

  • IT

  • Medtech

  • Traveltech

  • Sports

  • Foodtech

  • Mobility & Smart City

  • Circular Economy

  • Creative Industries

  • Media

  • HR

  • Retail

  • Fintech


How to make my startup visible?

How to develop my business in Paris?

How to make it in Paris, practically?  

In short:

What:            Startup group program
Where:          Paris
When:           June 2019
For Whom:    Startups from all Start Alliance cities
Application:  CLOSED

Apply below or get in touch with us for further information!

A bientôt!