Start Alliance New York: 8th TEP Conference


Join us on a trip to New York City

Start Alliance is organizing a startup delegation to New York City. Startups from Start Alliance partner cities are called to take part from October 15th - 19th as part of the 8th annual TEP Conference. The program is designed for startups beyond the idea phase and it gives a kick start to the US-market. It offers the chance to meet many high-ranking representatives from the Tech- and Startup-Scene.  

Main info

What?            Startup delegation to the 8th TEP Conference
Where?          New York City
When?           October 15th - 19th 2018
For Whom?   Startups from Start Alliance Partner Cities (Berlin, Beijing, Dubai, London, Paris, Shanghai, Tel Aviv, Vienna, Warsaw)
Application Deadline: September 3rd, 2018

TEP Conference

The TEP (Transatlantic Entrepreneur Partnership) Conference in New York is intended to be a stepping stone for companies expanding to the US-market markets. As every year, the participants of the delegation will have the opportunity to meet important key personalities of the startup and tech-scene in the US. In last year’s edition, this included high-ranking representatives from Google, Uber, McKinsey & Company, Microsoft, Samsung, Tumblr, AT&T, Sony, ESPN, CMS, MasterCard, BMW i Ventures and many more. Moreover, we will include investors in the program to share their knowledge and to discover innovations in the different industries.

Additionally there will be a online preparation called TEP Webinar Series, which covers the fundamentals of U.S. business development for international startups seeking to expand across the Atlantic and initiate traction in the U.S. The main objective is to equip all participating startups with the necessary knowledge, skills, and tools in order to “hit the ground running” in NYC and to answer any questions about scaling to the U.S. before departure. The Webinar Series consisted of five classes of 40 minute presentations by expert speakers, followed by a Q&A.

Start Alliance

As an early partner of the TEP Conference in New York, Start Alliance is free to choose 20 startups to be part of this highly meaningful entrepreneurial event. In the first seven years, we chose to make startups from Berlin the focus of this event. This year, we lift this barrier to invite startups from all our partner cities to take part in this delegation.

The Start Alliance was set up to connect startups with tech ecosystems all around the world and to help them to enter new markets. Participating startups will now have this opportunity to explore the possibility of expanding to the US-market while engaging with the local startup ecosystem and making connections with accelerators, VCs, startup CEOs and other key stakeholders.  

Personal Coaching

Often scale-ups and startups have to overcome difficult challenges when growing and internationalizing. These difficulties such as developing business leaders with the ability to manage rapid growth or attracting appropriate growth capital especially in new markets are always hard to manage. Therefore, we want to help these businesses to become more successful on a larger scale, help them to forge links and overcome hurdles in target markets. The BeUp-project by the EU supports us to do exactly this and thus to support you.

Selected startups will receive personal 1-on-1 business coaching on all relevant topics regarding internationalization and business development. The coaching sessions will be held by top-notch trainers in the field of scaling-up businesses. Since the sessions are individualized on the state and demands of every single startup the sessions can be shaped very efficiently for attending startups. And as the coaches are experts on the markets of US, EU, Israel and UK it is possible to focus not only on US. All 1-on-1 coaching sessions will take place on site in NYC. 

Conditions of participation

This program is designed for startups who are beyond the idea/prototype stage and have successfully launched in their domestic market.

This trip is right for you, if your startup is interested in:

  • Expanding into the US-market

  • Looking for international partners

  • Seeking to raise capital internationally esp. in the US

  • Recruiting international teams

What is included?

Accepted startups will receive for free:

  • office space in local co-working spaces (if a longer stay is desired for up to 6 weeks)

  • TEP conference participation (further information on:

  • exclusive pitch training and preparation ahead of the trip

  • personal business coaching during the stay

  • workshops by our partners during the trip

  • site visits at the most important players of the NY tech scene

  • pitch possibilities in front of investors, VCs and other partners

  • evening dinners and receptions

Please note, that individual travel expenses (flight and hotel) are not covered.

For more information and to answer your questions please contact us.


You can find the current draft program of TEP conference here.