Start Alliance Berlin: Energytech & Cleantech

Start Alliance dedicated to energytech and cleantech!

Start Alliance Berlin: Energytech & Cleantech  is an one-week program taking place in Mai 2019 which is intended to help startups from BEIJING, DUBAI, NEW YORK, LONDON, PARIS, SHANGHAI, TEL AVIV, VIENNA, ISTANBUL, AMSTERDAM and WARSAW to expand their business to Germany via BERLIN. In this edition of the program we will focus on Energytech and Cleantech related topics. Where are the key players, locations and partners that you could work with? The Start Alliance supports you in getting in touch with the local startup ecosystem. From May 20th – 29th 2019 you will have the opportunity to explore the startup ecosystem and get an understanding of our trendsetting city.

In short...

What:          Startup group program
Where:        Berlin
When:         May 20th – 29th 2019!
For Whom: Start Alliance partner cities!
Deadline?    April 28th, 2019

Why you should apply?

The German capital region is a pioneer in innovative energy and environmental technologies on a national and European level. The future production and use of energy creates new and diverse opportunities for technologies and technology-related services. The most important condition for this is increasingly integrating renewable energies. The capital region is a leader in the development of smart grids, storage concepts and innovative solutions to synchronize energy supply and demand. Its distinctive industrial and research landscape as well as its excellent infrastructure make it the largest laboratory for the energy transition and urban environmental technologies in Germany. Berlin, with five major manufacturers, is also one of the leading locations for the production and servicing of turbomachinery. The approximately 5,000 companies with nearly 56,000 employees in the field of energy technologies in the capital region include leading companies such as Siemens and GE. In addition, research is being conducted in power engineering and environmental issues at more than 30 research institutes, universities and institutions of higher education. Furthermore Berlin has over 50 incubators and  corporate-owned company builders where every year hundreds of startups get the support  they need.

Start Alliance invites startups to experience this vibrant ecosystem and to use it for their own products or services. Whether your offer is addressed to consumers, SMEs or big corporates, you'll have the opportunity to meet relevant networks and business associations during your stay. This program will deal with the whole range of energy and cleantech topics. So regardless of the market in which your startup is working - Start Alliance will help you find a way in discovering the best business opportunities in Berlin.

Conditions of participation

This event is designed for startups that are beyond the idea/prototype stage and have already successfully launched in their domestic market.

It could be right for you, if your startup is interested in:

  • Expanding into the German (or European) market

  • Looking for international partners

  • Seeking to raise capital internationally (esp. in Germany)

  • Recruiting international teams (esp. in Germany)

What's included?

Accepted startups will receive for free:

  • Attendance in Greentech Festival

  • Office space in local co-working space (with possibility to extend up to 4 weeks)

  • Business development coaching

  • Connections to VCs through a final demo day

  • Talks from industry and specialists

  • Several group activities

Please note that expenses for flights are not covered.


The agenda will include many different events such as:

  • Welcome session to get to know the program attendants

  • Welcome party

  • Greentech Festival

  • Workshops on: raising money, business development, PR, recruiting, legal, etc.

  • Various group activities such as knowledge exchanges, business breakfast, etc.

  • Pitch training session

  • External startup events

GREENTECH FESTIVAL will be the first event ever to initiate positive change by celebrating future-forward green technologies. It´s made for all, connecting forward thinking actors with the global community. It´s a lighthouse made to inspire more and more people to create, act and live green - and enjoying it.

GREENTECH FESTIVAL is all about green innovation and it is an innovation in itself: the three-day event consists of the GREENTECH EXHIBITION, where visitors can experience firsthand how green tech and green lifestyles improve all aspects of life. Exhibitors from all around the world will demonstrate how future-forward green economy can make our world a better place. At the GREEN LEADERS CONFERENCE we bring together all important actors, forward thinkers and game changers to discuss how to make our planet future-proof and to propose concrete solutions. The great minds behind the most awe-inspiring green technology deserve our praise. They are publicly recognized during the GREEN AWARDS gala. Our »Green Stage« is the biggest event of its kind – already for 12 years. 

It will take place from May 23rd to May 25th on Tempelhof Airport in the center of Berlin, Germany.

To preserve our planet and our own future, we need game-changing ideas: brilliant innovations that can succeed everywhere; new green lifestyles which are embraced by everyone. This is what the GREENTECH FESTIVAL stand for – celebrate change.

Following partners are involved in the Start Alliance program dedicated to Energytech & Cleantech:


For more than 20 years, Club ADEME International has been bringing together innovative French start up, small and medium sized eco-companies that already conduct part of their business in international markets or those seeking to expand abroad. 

The network was created and piloted by ADEME and provides its members with a privileged channel of communication with French national or regional public actors responsible for environmental affairs, energy, sustainable development and foreign trade. Network members are active across the entire spectrum of activities relating to ecological and energy transition

Visit: clubinternational.ademe