IPIEC Global Contest 2018 - Startup Award in Berlin

What is it all about?

15 entrepreneurs have the opportunity to present their start-up or innovative company in an 8-minute pitch in front of highly qualified referees consisting of German and Chinese experts, numerous investors and multipliers from China in order to land a promising deal.

Who can participate?

Young / innovative companies mainly in the fields of Artificial Intelligence; Virtual reality; Internet of Things; Big Data; Renewable Energy; New Materials; Biomedicine; Environmental Technology, etc.

What’s in it for you?

  • The chance to be in a huge prize pool – 100,000 USD for the champion, 50,000 USD for the 2nd place, 20,000 USD for the 3rd place, and an exclusive service package as the winner of the global contest

  • The chance to attend an exclusive trip to China - all costs will be covered

  • Access to investors and thus to risk and growth capital

  • Access to multipliers in China enabling a fast entry into one of the world‘s most attractive markets

  • Participation in an exclusive event banquet with networking opportunity



Register by 30th September 2018 at yang@zhongdemetal.de and apply with a short pitch for the IPIEC Global Contest 2018.