...We really got a lot out of it. It really is important to meet with a diverse range of people in the ecosystem to understand it and the opportunities that are available.
— Stephan von Massenbach (CEO Modular Financial Technologies)

About Modular Financial Technologies

Modular Financial Technologies Limited was founded in 2015 by financial market industry experts, to leverage advances in technology and bring wholesale financial market expertise, analytics and technology to a wider range of businesses.

Technological advances and a maturing of the electronic marketplace now make wholesale markets accessible to all participants at lower cost, without significant up-front investment and development costs.

Our solutions are high performance, flexible and scalable and prepare our clients for future developments, both in banking and capital markets technology as well as financial markets and services regulation. They also greatly extend access to the “risk transfer” product of wholesale financial markets.

We service the full range of clients, from banks and financial services firms, corporate and institutional clients to payment services providers and innovative business models such as peer-to-peer platforms, empowering Financial Markets participants to access wholesale markets, transact in a complex and rapidly evolving market structure and scale their operations at the lowest cost.

Why did you decide to participate in the program? What did you expect?
Did you reach the goals you have set for yourself?

We are quite familiar with and embedded in the London FinTech ecosystem and wanted to understand the Berlin ecosystem better and how this might help us expand into Germany/Europe.

The program allowed us to spend time in Berlin and to really get a good overview of the ecosystem and support available. It was also a great networking opportunity.

Did you have any program highlight?
What kind of information did you use right away after the end of the program?

Highlights for us were the business pitching opportunities, especially the demo day, and direct conversations with VCs.

We were able to follow up with many of the contacts made at the EXEC conference, from pitching and from the Innovation labs we visited. We have also continued our conversation with Berlin Partner.

Can you share with us any lesson learned?

Have an open mind and definitely participate in all events. We really got a lot out of it. It really is important to meet with a diverse range of people in the ecosystem to understand it and the opportunities that are available.

What makes Berlin so special and which kind of contacts and networks did you meet during your stay?

Berlin has a high concentration of technology talent. It is an established start-up and technology ecosystem with a diverse range of businesses that are not concentrated in one industry vertical. We met a good range of ecosystem participants, including fellow entrepreneurs, VCs and innovation labs. We became truly immersed in the ecosystem which allowed us to develop a much better understanding of this than we had expected.

What would you recommend to startups interested in participating in the program?

Research the participants so you can have relevant conversations (partners, VCs, innovation labs, etc.) and participate in everything!

Anything else you’d like to share with us?

The desk space that was provided for the duration of the programme was extremely helpful, as were the introductory sessions on legal, employment etc. at Berlin Partner offices.


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