Why partner with Start Alliance? 

Corporates are getting a bigger role in funding and mentoring of startups since recognized the need to work with them in one way or another. Whether to ease their pressure on innovation, to secure deal flow or to have a constant look beyond one’s own nose, the motivation is complex. Most companies have their own strategies of achieving their goals coming from a variety of different sources aiming to comply with their specific needs.

In addition to their own strategies corporates can team up with Start Alliance to get deep insights into the startup ecosystems of each partner city. Start Alliance offers scouting trips to every partner city using its good network connections to familiarize a company with local players, startups and cultural specifics. Start Alliance is designed to help corporates who are interested in:

  • Promoting accelerator and incubator programs
  • Looking for international startups to get access to new technology
  • Gaining experience through field trips with a special focus on different industry sectors
  • Recruiting international talents

Become a Corporate Partner

Are you a corporate based in our partner cities? If so, this program could be for you. If you are interested in finding out if a certain ecosystem is offering value for you please send us an email by using the following button:

The Corporates of Start Alliance