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Why partner with Start Alliance? 

Big enterprises around the world are getting more and more involved with startups these days. They provide funding, mentoring, access to markets and much more. And of course, there is a multitude of motivations that move corporations into such partnerships: Whether to ease their pressure on innovation, to secure deal flow, to change corporate culture or just to have a look beyond one’s own nose.

Most companies have dedicated teams and strategies of achieving these goals. That is where Start Alliance hooks in: In cooperation with corporate innovation teams, Start Alliance can help achieving specific innovation goals within their own corporate innovation strategies. Corporations typically team up with Start Alliance to get deep insights into startup ecosystems of Start Alliance partner cities. Start Alliance offers scouting trips to every partner city to familiarize a company with local players, startups and cultural specifics.

Start Alliance is designed to help big enterprises who are specifically interested in:

  • Promoting corporate accelerator and incubator programs

  • Finding a dedicated innovative solution in a specific technology field, and getting access to the international startups that own that new technology

  • Gaining experience through field trips with a special focus on different industry sectors

  • learning about specific startup culture and tools that are used by the most creative teams on the planet

  • Recruiting international top tech talent

Becoming a Corporate Partner

Are you facing challenges regarding corporate innovation? Are you interested in global tech innovation? If so, Start Alliance could be for you. If you are interested in getting to know more details, get in touch now! 

JUST DO IT LIKE MinDBox (by Deutsche Bahn)


MinDBox (by Deutsche Bahn)

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