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Cities: Creating an international startup network

Cities and regions - not nations are the upcoming magnets for innovation, creativity, entrepreneurial opportunities and talents and both need to do more to develop and retain an environment that can constantly provide solutions for today’s challenges.

Some cities already have ideal prerequisites as breeding grounds for innovative ways of thinking about business and instead of competing against it might be far more enticing to cooperate with each other.

Start Alliance aims to build a network of startup minded cities that cover every need for the startups deriving from those cities. Starting in 2015 by initiative of Berlin Partner for Business and Technology, 6 cities were the founding partners of this network: Berlin, London, New York, Paris, Shanghai and Tel Aviv.


The Cities of Start Alliance

The Start Alliance partners have a lot in common: They are international, cosmopolitan cities, whose dynamics and economic growth is being accelerated by young people , full of energy and creative ideas.
— Michael Müller, Mayor of Berlin



Beijing is the new favorite startup ecosystem in Asia. It debuted on The Global Startup Ecosystem Report '17 at no. 4 just behind Silicon Valley, New York and London.


With around 500 new digital startups per year, Berlin is Germany's capital for tech start-ups. It has a successful infrastructure for funding and financing in Europe.



Dubai as its place as an entrepreneurial Mecca offers many unique opportunities to prospective business owners such as dozens of sponsoring options.


As Europe’s leading financial capital, London is teeming with business angels, crowd-funding schemes, and experienced venture capital mentors.

New York

New York - especially Brooklyn - is one of the fastest growing tech communities outside of the Silicon Valley and only short ride from Wall Street for a future IPO


Paris is well known for startups as BlaBlaCar (ridesharing service) and Criteo giving it prominence as a center for sharing economy.


Shanghai is a startup city that gives startups access to the vast mainland China market. Since mid 2016, more than 70,000 startups have been set up in the city. 

Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv was ranked one of the two most innovative cities in the world by the Wall Street Journal in 2016, recognized as a world leader in Cyber-Security.


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Within Vienna, dynamic, research-driven scene is pulsating. Yet, at the same time, Vienna possesses a reliable infrastructure that meets the highest standards available.



Warsaw’s startup scene is booming. Fueled by high levels of innovation, relatively low costs and a strong talent pool, the Warsaw has everything to become one of Europe’s digital heavyweights.


Being part of the Start Alliance

Start Alliance is a new model for international expansion and exchange of ideas and aims to extend with the intention to cover more cities that identify themselves as startup minded powerhouses. Every city gives and receives:

  • Giving their startups possibilities to scale up internationally, while simultaneously reducing costs and time through insights of the Start Alliance

  • Receiving startups from other cities as potential leads, thus enhancing the creativity and the innovative power of the partner city and delivering a service to the retention of local grown up companies

As a part of the network cities benefit from:

  • Using this page as an extended marketing tool to promote their startup activities

  • Gaining access to startups from all other partner cities through workspace exchanges and organized group programs

  • Expanding networking possibilities within the partner cities and find new ways of collaborating with the world leading startup hubs

  • Offering local startups a unique opportunity of helping them to grow faster at significantly lower costs

Are you interested in having your city/region join this initiative? If you are a city official or affiliated to a city let us get in touch and discuss a possible collaboration. Please click on the button below to send us an email. 

Our present partner organizations: