The Start Alliance is a new type of city partnership designed to accelerate entry into new markets for international startups. 

Start Alliance Berlin was initiated by Berlin Partner for Business and Technology in 2015. Its main goal is to internationalize and scale up startup businesses faster and use Berlin as one of three hubs in Europe. Furthermore it aims at acceleration of corporate innovation and efficient connection of global startup hubs.

Programs are aimed at:

  • Startups from the partner cities, which want to expand and enter new markets

  • Cities that want to implement internationalization strategies

  • Large corporates seeking access to a network of highly innovative international startups

Startups get the possibility to try the city either in an organized group program several times per year or on their own equipped with a free office space for up to 2 months.

Cities can participate as a host for various programs like delegation trips or co-working programs and in this way internationalize itself. 

Corporates get insight in many global startups and thereby access to newest technology and business trends.

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What is the Start Alliance all about?
We are building a new form of city partnership. One that enhances cultural understanding and economic development, based on ideas. We do this in two ways: Firstly, helping young companies to expand faster and cheaper to other cities. Secondly, exchange and collaborate on ideas for smart city solutions.  

How can startups apply and how many do you select?
It is simple: The CEO sends an email to the destination city explaining why the company will likely be successful in the new market and they will be in touch. While we like to support every idea and company, we have to select as resources are limited.

What are the startup's requirements?
We expect only three things: (1) bring your passion to be successful to the new city, (2) have the necessary resources to enable success in the new city, (3) become an active contributor to the community by helping others in a similar situation, and supporting us to improve the program.

Is Start Alliance an accelerator program?
The program aims to accelerate growth for young companies by supporting an international expansion. However, it is not a set program and as every city is different, the market introduction in each city is different.

When do the programs start?
There is no formal program start. The support is flexible and tries to adhere to the needs of companies. However, capacities varies by city and we might not be able to accommodate every request at specific times. Also, we try to group companies to enable a shared experience.

How much does it cost and who pays for it?
While the program is free for startups, we expect that the companies have the necessary resources to be successful. The Start Alliance is able to offer this support because of our local partners as well as our corporate patrons.

How can corporates support the Start Alliance and the young companies?
Please send us an email detailing how you like to support the program. We are grateful for any inquiry even if it will take some time to get back to you.

What else do I have to know?
The Start Alliance itself is just starting. While we believe that we can contribute to the positive change and economic development within our member cities,  this is only the beginning and it will take time to support all companies or answer every request.